Information and Prices

Floor plan

This floor plan shows the layout of The Music Mine Studios, North Wales including the generous 20’ x 25’ size of our rehearsal and recording studio.



Music lessons (including access to parent lounge)

One-to-one lessons are £25.00 per hour or £16.25 per half hour. There is no charge for room hire. Lessons are provided for the following instruments;


Bass Guitar












A new set of guitar strings fitted, £15.00

Rehearsal Sessions

£13 per hour, for a minimum of 3 hours, all equipment included (see below for further information).

Off peak solo/drum sessions £10 per hour (Monday to Wednesday 4pm to 7pm)

Payment is required at time of booking. Any cancellation of a booked rehearsal space is subject to a £10 cancellation fee and any cancellation within 48 hours of the start time is subject to the full hire fee being paid.

The Music Mine Studios North Wales offers ‘plug-in-and-play’ sessions which includes equipment in the cost of rehearsal room hire. Unlike other studios where the ‘added extras’ can quickly stack up, one payment will get you up and rehearsing here right away.

We provide a Premier drum kit including breakables, kick pedal and snare, Sennheiser microphones, 1600w Peavey PA and mixing desk, guitar and bass amplifiers all within the cost of your rehearsal space and we will happily help you with your sound mix. Of course, you can bring your own equipment and manage the mix yourself if you wish. All studio equipment must be put back as found and any breakages reported immediately. 

We recognise that sound recording may assist your creativity during rehearsal sessions and we can arrange additional recording services if required. Please discuss any such requirement with us prior to your arrival at the rehearsal session. Sound and video recording will only be carried out by designated staff using studio equipment and no other form of recording is permitted without the express permission of the studio owner.

Recording Sessions

Prices available upon request.

Most recording sessions differ because of individual requirements, so prices are set for each bespoke production. Our rates are competitive and achievable no matter what your budget may be, so please contact us today to arrange a visit and we will be happy to discuss your personal needs and aspirations too.

A 20% non-refundable deposit will be required when booking a recording session. This covers cancellation of the session and any cancellation within 48 hours of the start time is subject to the full fee being paid.

Working for Musicians and Events

Prices are bespoke for each project worked on and we would be glad to discuss your individual needs and aspirations.