Working for you

Working for venues and private functions

If you are looking for a singer or band to perform at your venue, party, wedding or corporate function please contact us today. We have a large selection of live performers from a wide variety of genres.

Working for musicians

We know how difficult it can be for music learners and bands setting out for the first time. That’s why at Music Mine Studios, North Wales proprietor Peter Footitt is ready to do more than make sure you have a place to learn, rehearse or record.

An experienced businessman and musician with 40 years experience, Peter can help you make the most of your talents, whether you’re a learner, a band finding its sound or a group already performing to live audiences. He is a member of the Musicians Union, Federation of Entertainment Unions, the MMF and a regular visitor to Music Teacher Conferences.

Peter and his support team are available for advice on many aspects of the music industry, and can help you take advantage of opportunities to perform to live audiences. Using contacts in the music scene and hospitality sector, The Music Mine Studios, North Wales can work on your behalf to find ideal gigs, promote your band, protect your interests or simply find other musicians you can perform with.

Whatever stage of your musical journey you find yourself in, Peter and his team are ready to go the extra mile for you.