Working for Musicians

The Music Mine Studios can help you as a solo musician or band to administrate the business side of your music.

Most creative musicians spend their life focusing on writing, recording and performing their music, with no time available to attend to the burden of administrative tasks.  Furthermore, original artists often have to fund their own endeavours with little finance to support them.

This is where The Music Mine Studios can help you. We can develop a simple business plan and help create income streams from performance, recording and other areas. We will take the time to ensure your music is protected and that you receive benefits from your own creativity.

We can provide advice on many aspects of the music industry, help establish performance opportunities, promote you as an artist or band, and protect your interests at the same time.

Whatever stage of your musical journey you find yourself in, we are ready to provide a service with meticulous attention to detail, backed with years of industry knowledge and experience.

If you are serious about being successful in your musical career, contact us now to arrange your consultation and advice session.